Some Key Documents on Policy, Strategy, Laws and Regulations In Mining, Oil and Gas In Cambodia

List of some key laws and regulations, and policy and strategy papers related to Mining, Oil and Gas sector in Cambodia. (This list is updated from time to time as indicated here: last update – June, 15, 2016)

 Note: Kh – documents in Khmer language / Eng – documents in English language

Policy & Strategy

Mining, Oil and Gas Strategy 2018 (Kh)

MiningPolicy2018 (Kh)



Law On Exploitation and Administration Of Mineral Resources (Eng)

Law On Exploitation and Administration of Mineral Resources (Kh)


Petroleum Law_kh



SubDecree On Mineral Exploration and Industrial Mining Licenses (Kh)

sub-decree on mineral export (kh)

Petroleum Regulation 1991_Kh

Petroleum Regulation 1991_EN





Ministerial Prakas and Others

Circular On Evaluation Process For Construction Minerals Mining License (Kh)

Circular on Granting Mineral Exploration License (kh)

Model Mineral Exploration Agreement (Eng)

Model Mineral Exploration Agreement (Kh)

Model Mining Agreement (Eng)

MME And MoE Join Prakas On Procedures For EIA Clearance For Small And Artisanal Mining Operation (Kh)

MME And MEF Join Pkrakas On Surface Rental Fees For Mineral Licenses (Kh)

 Prakas On Procedures for Application of Sand Mining License (Kh)