About Me

Cambodia has made outstanding economic performance in many development areas since the end of the civil war in 1990s. Nevertheless Cambodia has also faced many challenges and difficulties including, but not limited to, weak governance and corruption in the public sector. These are of particular concerns in the development and managing of its emerging mines and extractive industries especially if Cambodia were to make the development of the sectors sustainable and inclusive.

Against this background, Integrity Cambodia initiative is set up to foster public-government dialogues and interactions in order to promote integrity and good governance in the public sector, especially in the extractive industry of Cambodia. The initiative is facilitated by a small group of dedicated Cambodian professionals, who have strong senses of pursuit for common good, to create and sustain momentum of such interaction and dialogue in making policy influence.

The aims of this blog are to:

  • disseminate information and create public awareness about extractive industry in Cambodia;
  • promote public debates on policy and strategies related to extractive industry in Cambodia; and
  • promote out reach and adoption of international best practice in development of extractive industry in Cambodia.

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