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Proposed New Process In Evaluation of Mineral License Application

Steps In Evaluation of Mineral License Application —————- The process of assessment and evaluation of application for mineral exploration license is aimed to improve quality of licensing system in mining sector and to ensure that the selected applicant to be granted license has appropriate technical and financial capacity as required by the law on management … Continue reading


MME’s Announcement Opening New Areas For Exploration License Application

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has issued a notification dated November 19, 2019 for a release of invitation for mineral exploration license application by interest parties. The notification can be viewed at this link AnouncementOpenArea2019. There are four areas open in this notification: An area of 49.25 km2 in Prek Kengkang in Thalaborivat district, … Continue reading


Few Keynotes For Reform Measures In 2018-2023 In Mining, Oil & Gas In Cambodia

Maybe last mandate was excited for many who have actively engaged in a reform program for this important extractive industry sector in Cambodia. Many remarkable and plausible progresses were achieved, especially in the areas of revenue collection, institutional reform and more importantly the establishment of the EIGF – Extractive Industry Governance Forum, a single mechanism … Continue reading


Enhanced Quality Of Mining Closure: Beyond Conventional Reclaimation

Environmental rehabilitation is crucial element of mining closure / reclaimation responsibilities of mining companies. In industry best practices, environmental rehabilitation should not simply mean recreating physical landscape and nature as existing prior mining operation started. It goes far beyond operations of removing buildings and roads as well as covering up and re-vegetating rock piles.  In … Continue reading